Frequently Asked Questions

1. Introduction

Enter a keyword or brand to get a list of the most recent occurrences on the web or Twitter.
Visualize and explore bitcoin blockchain transactions as nodes and edges and query other public information as tag names or public profiles.
It does not create clusters or attempt to associate identities with addresses.
For offchain transactions you can check the possible routes of a payment to a specific node from this node with a certain amount of satoshis.

Bitsearch algorithms search for keywords on social media and the web and save links where occurrences are found.
Bitsearch extracts and stores all transactions of Bitcoin blockchain in a search engine every 10 minutes using a Python Script.
Using a Javascript algorithm,paint each address as a node and each transaction as an edge displaying the inputs and outputs with visjs.
Bitsearch uses its own Lightning network node to receive payments and query routes using API REST LND

Bitsearch uses bitcoind, JSON RPC API, python, ES and visjs javascript library. Frontend it's build on Javascript.

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